4-5.30pm. ‘Intimate Geopolitics of Mobility: Lauren Berlant and the Affects of Tourism’. Presented by Mary Mostafanezhad, UH Manoa & Roger Norum. Univ. of Oulu, with Graham Huggan, Ole B. Jensen, Jennie Germann Molz, Christine Lundberg, Vassilios Ziakas, Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo & Michael Haldrup.
Gurminder Bhambra and John Holmwood present and debate their much anticipated text Colonialism and Modern Social Theory. With respondents Manuela Boatcă, S.Sayyid, and Adrian Favell. Co-organised with CERS.
4-5.30pm. ‘Unlonely Planet: Entangling for Good in Tourism Nature Cultures’. Presented by Kellee Caton, Thompson Rivers University, with Ana Maria Munar, Graham Huggan, Dominic Lapointe, Christine Lundberg, Vassilios Ziakas & Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo.

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3-4.30pm. The third discussion in our series on critical theory in the face of global environmental catastrophe, on the key French thinker, Bruno Latour.
3-4.15pm. At this online event, Dr Mark Davis (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Leeds) and Bruce Davis (Co-founder and Joint Managing Director, Abundance Investment) discuss their new book Crowdfunding and the Democratization of Finance (Bristol University Press).
3-4.30pm. Online discussion group for PGRs and others on critical theory in the face of global environmental catastrophe. The second session in our No Future? seminar series will focus on the work of Donna Haraway. Please note the earlier time start.
4-5.30pm. ‘The Tourism Archive as Economic and Intellectual Infrastructure: Notes on Train Maya, Mexico’, presented by Matilde Córdoba Azcárate, UCSD, with M.E. Korstanje, Noel Salazar, Mimi Sheller, Manuel Ángel Santana Turégano, Christine Lundberg, Vassilios Ziakas & Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo.
4-5.30pm. The opening discussion of The Bauman Underground seminar this year, with the theme ‘No Future? On critical theory in the ruins of capitalism’. We will explore themes and possibilities in the light of Anna Tsing’s (2015) The Mushroom at the End of the World: On The Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins.
12-4pm. To launch a series of events on ‘Critical Mobilities Theory’, Rodanthi Tzanelli introduces an afternoon of dialogues on the work of John Urry with other pioneers of the ‘new mobilities’ paradigm. With Mimi Sheller, Michael Haldrup, Jennie Germann Molz, Ole B.Jensen, Jonas Larsen & James Faulconbridge.
Book launch of a new edited volume of Zygmunt Bauman’s unpublished writings on Culture and Art
Molly Geidel (UoManchester), Vania Belen Suarez Botelho and Nic Salazar-Sutil (UoL) discuss the postcolonial Bolivian theorist of indigenous identities and cultures / STARTS AT 5PM
Muneeb Hafiz (Lancaster University) and Rebecca Porter (SSP) discuss critical applications of the key decolonial thinker, Achille Mbembe / STARTS AT 5PM
A workshop for graduate students in social and critical theory, with presentations of work in progress and feedback discussion