Molly Geidel (UoManchester), Vania Belen Suarez Botelho and Nic Salazar-Sutil (UoL) discuss the postcolonial Bolivian theorist of indigenous identities and cultures / STARTS AT 5PM
Book launch of a new edited volume of Zygmunt Bauman’s unpublished writings on Culture and Art

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Muneeb Hafiz (Lancaster University) and Rebecca Porter (SSP) discuss critical applications of the key decolonial thinker, Achille Mbembe / STARTS AT 5PM
A workshop for graduate students in social and critical theory, with presentations of work in progress and feedback discussion
Negative dialectics anyone? Jon Catlin (Princeton Univ.) and Jack Palmer discuss the contemporary relevance of Theodor Adorno’s hardcore Marxism
DOUBLE BOOK LAUNCH. Invited discussants Dominic Lapointe, Ole B. Jensen, and Noel Salazar discuss Rodanthi Tzanelli’s new works
Activist, theorist and translator, Sabu Kohso, joins us from New York, with Ruskin School of Art’s Jason Waite, to discuss his new book with Duke UP
RECONFIRMED (CO-ORG WITH CIGS). Ruth Holliday and Adrian Favell discuss Cruel Optimism – What is affect theory, and is it a “militant epistemology”?
Invited commentators Tom Kemple, Elizabeth Goodstein and Nicola Marcucci discuss a new collection of Georg Simmel’s essays edited by Austin Harrington
Albena Azmanova, from our International Advisory Network, presents her recent book Capitalism on Edge: How Fighting Precarity Can Achieve Radical Change Without Crisis or Utopia.
Film viewing and discussion of the Bauman Institute film on the life and work of Zygmunt Bauman, The Trouble With Being Human These Days
An interdisciplinary roundtable on arts-based collaborative methods and practices as forms of activism which address inequality and exclusion today. With invited artist Eirini Kaptani.