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ARTS: Art and Extractivism in the Anthropocene


4-5.30pm. Art and Extractivism seminar. Organised by Maria Rovisco with Paula Serafini and Veronica Sekules, of GroundWork gallery which participated in the project EXTRACTION: ART ON THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS. Postponed from March. Click here for more info.

ARTS: Arts, Activism and Sustainability


ARTS: Event. 3-5pm. Organised by Maria Rovisco in collaboration with Layla Bloom, curator at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds. With invited artists, activists and scholars. Stage 1 @ PCI.

ENVIRONMENT: Community Resilience Book Launch


3-5pm. A book launch discussion featuring Katy Wright's new book with Routledge, Community Resilience: A Critical Approach. With Iain Wilkinson, Ioana Sendriou, Sébastien Nobert and Adrian Favell.

BAUMAN UNDERGROUND: No Future? (5) Eduardo Kohn


4-5.30pm. On Eduardo Kohn, How Forest's Think. Discussion group on social and political theory in the face of the (no) future. Organised by Katy Wright and Greg Hollin. Click here for link.

ECONOMY: Book Launch


3-4.15pm. At this online event, Dr Mark Davis (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Leeds) and Bruce Davis (Co-founder and Joint Managing Director, Abundance Investment) discuss their new book Crowdfunding and the Democratization of Finance (Bristol University Press).