12-4pm. To launch a series of events on ‘Critical Mobilities Theory’, Rodanthi Tzanelli introduces an afternoon of dialogues on the work of John Urry with other pioneers of the ‘new mobilities’ paradigm. With Mimi Sheller, Michael Haldrup, Jennie Germann Molz, Ole B.Jensen & James Faulconbridge.
4-5.30pm. ‘The Tourism Archive as Economic and Intellectual Infrastructure: Notes on Train Maya, Mexico’, presented by Matilde Córdoba Azcárate, UCSD, with M.E. Korstanje, Noel Salazar, Mimi Sheller, Manuel Ángel Santana Turégano, Christine Lundberg, Vassilios Ziakas & Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo.
4-5.30pm. ‘Intimate Geopolitics of Mobility: Lauren Berlant and the Affects of Tourism’. Presented by Mary Mostafanezhad, UH Manoa & Roger Norum. Univ. of Oulu, with Graham Huggan, Ole B. Jensen, Jennie Germann Molz, Christine Lundberg, Vassilios Ziakas, Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo & Michael Haldrup.
4-5.30pm. ‘Unlonely Planet: Entangling for Good in Tourism Nature Cultures’. Presented by Kellee Caton, Thompson Rivers University, with Ana Maria Munar, Graham Huggan, Dominic Lapointe, Christine Lundberg, Vassilios Ziakas & Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo.

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The opening discussion event in our open public lecture series “Militant Epistemologies” on Key Thinkers and their impact on Theory & Politics
Bauman’s biographer Izabela Wagner and deputy director of Bauman Institute Jack Palmer in conversation
First official BI event of the year: Peter Beilharz talks to SSP’s @_DrMarkDavis about his new book, ‘Intimacy in postmodern times: A friendship with Zygmunt #Bauman’. 8-9am 26 Nov. @SSPLeeds @adrianfavell @ManchesterUP Register for the online event
A symposium at the University of Leeds Please see the Call for Papers if you wish to take part in this symposium August 2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of Zygmunt Bauman’s monumental book Modernity and the Holocaust. The Holocaust, the late sociologist famously argued, was not the polar opposite of modernity or a pathological deviation from modernisation…
A training workshop to learn how investment-based crowdfunding can be used to support public sector project delivery, and gain a better understanding of local donation-based crowdfunding.
This transdisciplinary symposium will mark the second anniversary of the death of this renowned and internationally influential sociologist and cultural analyst. The symposium brings together international speakers to share new research on his biography, the historical shaping of his key concepts of the stranger, the exile, the refugee, his role in the theorizing of the…
A buffet lunch plus tea and coffee will be provided. In an age of financial crisis and fiscal austerity, can money and finance be a force for good? This event will launch the Bauman Institute’s report on the alternative finance movement in the UK. Download the report here Drawing upon interviews with senior figures in…
Leeds Social Sciences Institute / The Bauman Institute Professor Judy Wajcman Judy Wajcman will explore why technology is blamed for accelerating everyday life and yet we turn to digital devices for the solution during a talk that is being co-hosted by Leeds Social Sciences Institute / The Bauman Institute. The Professor of Sociology at the…
Thursday 23 April, 5 – 6.30pm, Room 12.21 Social Sciences Building. Author and journalist Zoe Williams brings together all the arguments that occupy the current political landscape and shows us that on all levels, it’s lunacy to be anything other than left-wing unless you’re actually already an oligarch. She offers us the debate in a truly entertaining way – and provides a road map for a better future that will be a major part of the debate in the run up to the election in May
Political life can often feel pretty bleak for all the reasons you know and feel so well. As the 7 May election draws near, there is already a familiar sense that ‘big ideas’ are not welcome. And then something pops up and rekindles your optimism. Confirmed Speakers: Mark Fisher, Jeremy Gilbert All Welcome, Saturday 28th March, 12 – 2pm, The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds