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Funded Projects

Prefab sprouting: Modern Methods of Construction and English Housing Crisis

More details coming soon on this new and exciting ESRC project with Dr Ornella Iuorio (EPS) and Dr Andrew Wallace (SSP).

Net Zero Neighbourhoods

Funded by UKERC, this project will work with local authorities and communities to find new ways of renovating and retrofitting homes for a low carbon future. Dr Mark Davis (SSP) is part of a team of researchers at Leeds, Brighton and Strathclyde that will explore how social relations shape financial decisions in the household, and seek solutions for Net Zero neighbourhoods that leverage the billions of pounds people already spend as part of their aspirations for a ‘better home’.

Finance and Procurement for Net Zero

Funded by UKERC, Dr Mark Davis (SSP) is part of a team of researchers at Bristol, Leeds and Oxford that will examine the role of public procurement and place-based investments - such as Community Municipal Investments - through case studies on local authority, business and community leadership of such collaborations. Findings will provide insights into the opportunities and limitations of local net-zero implementation and identify factors which determine the scope and scale of energy demand reductions and sustainable energy service delivery

Bauman and the West: Exile, Culture, Dialogue

The principal aim of the proposed project is to understand the role of the idea of the West in the sociology of Zygmunt Bauman. This project will be the first study of Bauman to adopt this focus.

Off-Site Housing Construction: A Response to the Crisis?

The project is led by three researchers at the University of Leeds: Dr Andrew Wallace (School of Sociology and Social Policy), Dr Ornella Iuorio (School of Civil Engineering) and Dr Kate Simpson (Sustainability Research Institute) with Bauman Lyons Architects and Leeds City Council.

Northern Exposure: Race, Nation & Disaffection in the North of England

Former Bauman Institute director Adrian Favell is the PI of a major UKRI funded project 'Northern Exposure: Race, Nation and Disaffection in "Ordinary" Towns and Cities after Brexit'. The project is part of the 'Governance after Brexit' research programme, with an ESRC funding of £750,000.