MOBILITIES: Seminar on Interrogating criticality in tourism analysis (2)

  • Date:
  • Time: 4-5.30pm


Seminar Two: “Intimate Geopolitics of Mobility: Lauren Berlant and the Affects of Tourism”

Mary Mostafanezhad, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environment, College of Social Sciences, UH Manoa, U.S.A. ( & Roger Norum, Lecturer, Resource Extraction & Sustainable Arctic Communities (REXSAC), History, Culture and Communication Studies, University of Oulu (

Abstract: In this talk, we approach the concept of tourism geopolitics through the lenses of affect theory, desire, and the self, with particular reference to the work of Lauren Berlant.

Discussants: Graham Huggan (English, University of Leeds), Ole B. Jensen (Professor of Urban Theory, Aalborg University, Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Denmark), Richard Ek, (Associate Professor in Human Geography, Department of Geography, Media and Communication, Karlstad University, Sweden), Jennie Germann Molz, (Professor of Sociology, Sociology & Anthropology, College of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts, U.S.A), Christine Lundberg (Professor of Tourism Management, The Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger, Norway), Vassilios Ziakas (Associate Professor in Sport & Event Management, University of St Mark and St John: Plymouth, Devon), Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo (Associate Researcher, Institute of Geography,   Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Michael Haldrup, Professor, Department of Communication and Arts, Visual Culture and Performance Design, Centre for Tourism Research, University of Roskilde, Denmark.