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An international centre for the promotion of teaching and research in social and critical theory.


We host a range of funded and exploratory projects developing theory on ALTERNATE FUTURES for Economy, Arts, Populations, Mobilities, Environment & Democracy

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The Janina and Zygmunt Bauman Archive is a major repository of their life's work, supported by regular events and the publication of new studies and collections of writing.

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The Bauman Institute organises conferences, workshops, book launches, and an online lecture/discussion series on major theorists for students and the general public.

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New Journal Launch

International advisory network member, Albena Azmanova, is the co-editor of a new journal Emancipations, launching in Sept 2021. The very first edition features a BI special tribute to David Graeber from our Bauman Underground "Militant Epistemologies" seminar in December 2020, with contributions by Adrian Favell, Myka Tucker-Abramson, Mark Davis and Andrew Wallace.

New Book Series of Unpublished Writings by Zygmunt Bauman

On 30 June 2021, with a specially produced live video on YouTube, the BI launched a new series of books with Polity featuring unpublished writings by Zygmunt Bauman from the Bauman Archive. The first volume, trans. by Katarzyna Bartoszynskam, and edited by BI members, Dariusz Brzezinski, Tom Campbell, Mark Davis and Jack Palmer, is out now with more coming next year.

The Postcolonial Bauman Lecture Series

Introduced by Adrian Favell
Video available here
Introduced by Mark Davis and Jason Allen-Paisant

Coming Up in 2021-22

MOBILITIES. Rodanthi Tzanelli will present a series of events on Critical Mobilities Theory. These were launched with a symposium on the work of John Urry on 15 Oct. The next event is on 2 Nov. Co-organised with Centre for Mobilities Research (CEMORE), University of Lancaster. See events listings for further information. Photo of John Urry by Chia-Ling Lai.
THE BAUMAN UNDERGROUND. We will also continue our Monday Afternoon open discussion sessions aimed at grad students and a general critical public, with the theme for 2021-22, 'No Future?'. Seminars consider the work of Anna Tsing, Donna Haraway, Bruno Latour, and others. Email Adrian Favell or See Events for more information. Next: 8 Nov / Donna Haraway.

The rationality of the ruled is always the weapon of the rulers.

Zygmunt Bauman, Modernity and the Holocaust (1989)
An annual prize for the best MA Dissertation in one of our supported programmes. Those selected address an area of “significant ethical or moral relevance” which was a concern in Janina Bauman’s own writing.

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4-5.30pm. 'The Tourism Archive as Economic and Intellectual Infrastructure: Notes on Train Maya, Mexico', presented by Matilde Córdoba Azcárate, UCSD, with M.E. Korstanje, Noel Salazar, Mimi Sheller, Manuel Ángel Santana Turégano, Christine Lundberg, Vassilios Ziakas & Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo.


4-5.30pm. The second discussion in our No Future? seminar series will focus on the work of Donna Haraway.


4-5.30pm. 'Intimate Geopolitics of Mobility: Lauren Berlant and the Affects of Tourism'. Presented by Mary Mostafanezhad, UH Manoa & Roger Norum. Univ. of Oulu, with Graham Huggan, Ole B. Jensen, Jennie Germann Molz, Christine Lundberg, Vassilios Ziakas, Ilia Alvarado-Sizzo & Michael Haldrup.


Gurminder Bhambra and John Holmwood present and debate their much anticipated text Colonialism and Modern Social Theory. With respondents Manual Boatcă, S.Sayyid, and Adrian Favell.