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Janina Bauman Prize

Following a wonderful donation by the Bauman family, the Bauman Institute has established a prestigious award entitled the Janina Bauman Prize.

The award is given for the very best Dissertation submitted by a postgraduate student who is registered on either of the two Masters programmes offered by the Bauman Institute.

To be eligible for the Janina Bauman Prize, the Dissertation must address an area of “significant ethical or moral relevance”, which was a concern of Janina Bauman’s own writing. The final decision on the award will be made by an academic panel from the Bauman Institute, as well as a representative from the Bauman family.

The successful candidate will receive a sum of £1000.00 as a single payment.

Janina Bauman once wrote that the hardest challenge is to remain human in inhuman circumstances. Through her life and example, she showed what humanity meant: commitment, engagement, care, culture, humour: in a word, love. 


For further information on Janina Bauman:

* Latest Recipient *

2020 - André Dallas

“Development as I-nity: Rastafari Philosophy as a Decolonial Alternative to Orthodox Development Paradigms in Jamaica”

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Previous Recipients

2019 – Kevin N. Kurniawan

Hospitality in the Midst of Refugee-Phobia: A Sociological Analysis and Ethical Inquiry on British Immigration Policy and Public Sentiments on Refugee Resettlement

2018 – George Edwards

Strategies for the Interregnum: Postcapitalist Economic Development and Political Realism in the UK

2017 – Daniel Hektor

Queer Diaspora and the Politics of Becoming

2016 – Verdine Etoria

“'I feel like this apron makes me invisible': Investigating precarious lives and restaurant work”

2015 – James Nicholson

The production of the new in vestral space: An analysis of ethical resistance movements which construct for themselves new social spaces and the vestral

2014 – Joseph Cocks

“Our Twisted World-Violence and Desubjectification in the Age of Consumerism”

2013 – Benjamin A. Hirst

“‘Creative Capitalism’ and the challenge to resist precarious labour in the art world”.

2012 – Jack Palmer

Situating the ‘heart of darkness’, past and present: the Democratic Republic of Congo in Modernity and Globalization

2011 – Oliver Schofield

Anti-Intellectualism in England: Bauman’s Real Challenge