Our Research

The Bauman Institute for Sociology and Social Theory is an international research and teaching centre founded at the University of Leeds by Dr Mark Davis.

We are each actively involved in the exploration, application and empirical testing of sociological theories through a number of externally funded research projects, with further details on this page.

The Bauman Institute is a home for experts in cultural, economic, and political sociology and social theory with a particular interest in the following interconnected areas of research:

  • Alternative Futures
  • Capitalism and Democracy
  • Communities and Civic Participation
  • Ethics and Moralities
  • Global Cultures
  • Modernities and Social Change
  • Money, Finance and Post-Growth Economies
  • Nations and Cities
  • Politics, Power and Inequalities
  • Sustainability and Resilience
Our Research
Assessing the Suitability of Crowdfunding for the Public Sector
Crowdfunding has the potential to offer a new model of finance via an investment-based business model that generates social, environmental and economic returns.
The principal aim of the proposed project is to understand the role of the idea of the West in the sociology of Zygmunt Bauman. This project will be the first study of Bauman to adopt this focus.
The project is led by three researchers at the University of Leeds: Dr Andrew Wallace (School of Sociology and Social Policy), Dr Ornella Iuorio (School of Civil Engineering) and Dr Kate Simpson (Sustainability Research Institute) with Bauman Lyons Architects and Leeds City Council.
PROSEU is an EU-funded research project, bringing together 11 project partners from 7 European countries. It aims to enable the mainstreaming of the renewable energy Prosumer phenomenon into the European Energy Union.