The Bauman Institute is very sad to learn of the death of Keith Tester, Professor of Sociology at Hull and an expert on culture and morality, as well as one of the world’s leading commentators on Zygmunt Bauman.
August 2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of Zygmunt Bauman’s monumental book Modernity and the Holocaust. To mark the anniversary of the book, and to evaluate its legacy, a full-day symposium will be held on Tuesday 10th September at the University of Leeds.
Izabela Wagner-Saffray (Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University) delivered a fascinating paper – entitled ‘Bauman and Refugees – Biography and Writing’ to a packed room as part of the School of Sociology and Social Policy research seminar series.
After 50 years believing it was lost, Bauman’s book Sketches in the Theory of Culture was discovered, restored and published. With contributions from Bauman’s family, this remarkable story provided the basis for the Bauman Institute’s latest contribution to the School’s seminar series.
Professor Zygmunt Bauman, celebrated as one of the greatest social thinkers of our times, passed away on Monday 9th January 2017 at home in Leeds. He was 91. Professor Bauman was head of the sociology department at the University of Leeds until his retirement in 1990. The Bauman Institute was founded in 2010 in his…
The Bauman Institute is co-hosting, with the Sustainability Research Institute (School of Earth & Environment), an exciting new seminar series “Anticipating Futures in a Complex World”.  This series is jointly funded by the Bauman Institute, Sustainability Research Institute and the Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI). About the series In an era of seemingly perpetual crisis,…
The tidal power scheme proposed for Swansea Bay (Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay) has been in the news today due to the government’s announcement that it is discussing subsidising the ambitious £1bn project. Our research has used the tidal lagoon as a case study for exploring the social and economic impact of local energy infrastructure, and the role of local communities in energy developments.