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Ethics and Soci(ologic)al Theory

This group might be a platform suitable for reflecting upon such concepts, notions and questions as ethics, morality, immorality, indifference, subjectivity, ethical responsibility, solidarity, sociality, politics, ‘being with others’, ‘being for the other’, justice, contingency, ambivalence, nonidentity, ethics in modernity, postmodernity and ‘liquidity’, ethics as a subject matter for and a problematic implicit in sociology, reflexivity, moral meaning of the practice of social inquiry, etc., themes which also are at the very centre of the Z. Bauman’s thought.

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  • Mark Davis

    Hi Ayse,
    Great to see this group here. The question of ‘ethics’ is certainly central to Bauman’s endeavours, but I like the possibility of exploring these concepts in relation to wider social, cultural and political themes. I am currently writing a few little pieces for my next book, so if I feel there is anything relevant to this group I will post it here.
    All best wishes for the holidays and new year,

  • Ayşe Mermutlu

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your interest – welcome to the group! I agree with you that it is necessary to handle all of these concepts in relation to wider social, cultural and political themes – it should be so, if it is not inevitable. Pluralism, multiculturalism, identity and otherness, for example, loaded with ethical as well as cultural, political, ontological and epistemological assumptions, are a couple of concepts among those which have determined social and political discourse for several years. Not to mention at all the ecological and financial crisis across the globe that I think available mostly to be dealt with by a deeply ethical sense. I will be waiting for your contributions.

    All bests for the holidays and new year, Ayşe

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