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Donal Brown

Research Fellow, PROSEU
Areas of expertise
Business models, low energy retrofit, buildings, pluralist economics and finance, distributed energy
Sustainable Research Institute, University of Leeds

Project Title: PROSEU: PROSUMERS FOR THE ENERGY UNION –  Mainstreaming active participation of citizens in the energy transition
Start date: October 2018

Journal Articles

Brown, D. (2018) Business models for residential retrofit in the UK: a critical assessment of five key archetypes͛, Energy Efficiency, pp.1-26

Brown, D., Sorrell, S. and Kivimaa, P. (2018) Worth the risk? An evaluation of alternative finance mechanisms for residential retrofit.͛, (Submitted to Energy Policy), pp. 1–24.

Brown, D., and Kivimaa, P. (2018) How can policy foster business model innovation - the case of energy efficiency retrofit in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Netherlands (SPRU Working paper series)

Sovacool, B. Turnheim, B. Martiskainen, M. Brown, D. Sorrell, S. Kivimaa, P. (2018) Incumbent innovation: Harnessing incumbent intermediaries for low-carbon transitions (Research Policy forthcoming)

Policy Briefings

Brown, D. Kivimaa, P. Rosenow, J. Martiskainen, M. Bird, J. (2018) ͚Warm Homes for All - A comprehensive policy approach for residential energy efficiency retrofit in the UK͛. Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED), Brighton Sussex, UK.

Kivimaa, P. Martiskainen, M. Brown, D. (2018) ͚Towards low energy homes: Intermediaries supporting the market for energy efficiency.͛ Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED), Brighton, Sussex, UK

Book chapters

Brown, D. Kivimaa, P. Rosenow, J. Martiskainen, M. (2018) ͚Overcoming the systemic challenges of retrofitting residential buildings in the UK: A herculean task?͛ In Jenkins, K. Roberts, C. and Hopkins, D. (Eds.), Working title – Handbook of Innovation and energy demand. (Forthcoming) London: Routledge.

What are you looking forward to with PROSEU?

Working in an interdisciplinary team on real word issues where our research can directly impact the direction of change in the UK and across Europe. Also excited to understand the range of business models for prosumption and how these interface with policy and changing technology.