Municipal Finance for a Green New Deal

“There aren’t too many good news stories about. But here’s a great one. A new model for financing sustainable development projects in a democratic and participatory way”. 

This is how the Another Europe is Possible podcast introduced their episode focusing upon research led by Dr Mark Davis into Community Municipal Investments (CMIs), a new model of place-based finance striving to move money for people and planet.

You can access the podcast via your usual service, or listen to the recording in full by clicking here.

This is how the podcast is introduced by the Another Europe team:

“Hosts Luke Cooper and Zoe Williams talk to democratic finance geeks Bruce Davis and Mark Davis about type of debt they’ve developed for local councils.

It’s a whole new mission for local government to put itself at the heart of green sustainable investment. By raising money through local municipal bonds, local councils can develop local forms of energy production but also fund other things like social housing. It really could transform our economy.

For more on the ideas discussed in the podcast check out their report.”

Production: Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper
Editing: Ben Higgins Millner