Liquid education resources

I am aware of two writings by Zygmunt Bauman on education. I will be writing a short paper that summarises the main points made in these as I see them. I’ll post the paper here for comment and discussion if anyone is interested. The two readings are:

Educational Challenges of the Liquid-Modern Era in Diogenes 2003; 50; 15

Does Ethics Have a Chance in a World of Consumers? 2008 Harvard. Chapter 4 ‘Hurried Life, or Liquid-Modern Challenges to Education’.

Liquid Life 2005 Polity. Chapter 6 ‘Learning to Walk on Quicksand’.

Some of chapter 6 in Liquid Life was reproduced at The School of Sociology and Social Policy Alumni Event held on May 6th 2006 where Prof. Zygmunt Bauman gave a talk on Liquid Modern Challenges to Education. There is an audio file of the talk and the following discussion that will be linked to from here in due course.

If you are aware of any other writings by Bauman on this topic, or references to education in any of his other books and articles please post them here as replies to this discussion.