Financing Bristol’s Energy Transition: PROSEU webinar series

Delivering Bristol’s energy, housing and transport transition will necessitate the mobilization of huge sums of capital, with Bristol’s City Leap program requiring ~£1bn alone.

In this ‘lunch and learn’ webinar – delivered as part of the living lab research for the EC Horizon 2020 funded project PROSEU – we explore the potential of local financing solutions and understand how different stakeholders present might facilitate their adoption.

There is a growing consensus that Investing in a Just Transition will necessitate the involvement of citizens and local authorities in the funding and ownership of these assets. Therefore, new forms of citizen finance and municipal funding may be a core means of ensuring local value and governance from this transition.

Dr Mark Davis – an expert in alternative financing solutions – reports on his recent research and is joined by Sophia Tickell to explore the potential of different forms of finance in the local context of Bristol.

You can watch the full recording of this webinar (60 mins) for free by clicking here.

The full range of webinars delivered by the PROSEU project can also be accessed via the project website and by clicking here.

Speaker Bios

Sophia Tickell was Founder and Director of Meteos Limited (2009-2019) and is a writer, facilitator and advocate with more than 15 years of experience working with asset managers and corporate executives to improve their appreciation of societal expectations and environmental constraints. Sophia joins us as the Strategic Adviser and Facilitator of the Investing in a Just Transition project based at the London School of Economics.

Mark Davis is an Economic Sociologist at the University of Leeds and academic lead of the 2019 Financing for Society project. His research – which collaborated with Bristol City Council to explore financing solutions for retrofit of council buildings – led to the co-creation with Abundance Investment of a new Community Municipal Investment (CMI) structure recently approved by West Berkshire Council to fund rooftop solar PV projects.