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Culture and Art: Selected Writings, vol. 1.


We are delighted to announce a new project with Polity to publish previously unknown works of Zygmunt Bauman that have been discovered through the Archives project at the Bauman Institute.

Thanks to support from the Vice-Chancellor's Office at the University of Leeds, and working in partnership with the Bauman Estate and our colleagues in the Brotherton Library Special Collections Team, the 'Papers of Janina and Zygmunt Bauman' project has been on-going since 2017 following Zygmunt's death.

Following the gift of these papers to the University of Leeds, colleagues at the Bauman Institute have collaborated in the collation, organisation and interpretation of these scattered pieces of work across many decades of Bauman's life and writing. This research has revealed some fascinating articles that have not previously been published.

Now - for the first time - these articles will be available to the public through a series of volumes with Polity.

The first of these volumes - Culture and Art:  Selected Writings, vol. 1. - will be published in 2021 and is edited by Dariusz Brzezinski, Mark Davis, Jack Palmer and Tom Campbell.

Our launch event for this book is on 30 June 2021. See information here.