‘Artistic Conviviality’: New Chapter to be published.

A new book chapter by Dr Maria Rovisco entitled ‘Artisitc Conviviality’ will be published in a new volume by Palgrave due out in June 2020.

Communicating for Change: Concepts to Think With, edited by Professor Jo Tacchi and Professor Thomas Tufte (both at Loughborough University), offers a fresh set of innovative and creative contributions related to the role of communication in processes of change.


Given the current fast pace of social-economic, political and technological change across the globe, and the central role of communication in this, there is a growing need to reconceptualize how we approach communication and change that provides entry points to help us expand and enrich our scholarly and practical work.

This volume presents 14 concepts from a multi-disciplinary collection of internationally leading and emerging scholars, from 13 countries on 5 continents. The authors come together around three meta-topics: citizenship and justice, critiques of development, and renewing thought (from and for the margins).

The short chapter format ensures that authors get straight to the nub of their ideas, providing readers — students, scholars and practitioners alike — with accessible, engaging and innovative ways to think critically about communication and social change, in new ways.

The volume can be pre-ordered from the Palgrave website by clicking on this link.

Maria leads the Bauman Institute’s “Art and Political Dialogues” research stream.