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The Social Impact of Local Energy Developments: Our research on Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay

SLED tidal lagoon (artist's impression)

The tidal power scheme proposed for Swansea Bay (Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay) has been in the news today due to the government’s announcement that it is discussing subsidising the ambitious £1bn project.  Questions are being raised in the media about the levels of subsidy on offer and the potential impact on household fuel bills, and about whether the government’s willingness to back the project is intended to distract attention from its attempts to reinvigorate the North Sea oil industry.  However, what is missing from the current debate is what the impact of this project on local people might be.  Continue reading

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Towards a typology of community resilience activities

The idea that we need to develop resilience to a range of environmental, economic, political and security crises seems to have increasing purchase across academic disciplines and in policy and practice.  In particular, there has been a developing interest in the concept of community resilience, which refers to a capacity within social groups to adapt to and recover from crisis “without flipping into another state or phase “(Cote & Nightingale 2012: 475).  This might include, for example, coping with flooding; transport/infrastructure damage; terrorist attack; economic downturn and financial crisis; demographic change; climate change; and/or political upheaval (e.g. see OECD 2009; Young Foundation 2012; Stockholm Resilience Centre 2013).  However, there is considerable variation in the ways the metaphor of resilience is interpreted and employed, and amongst definitions of the characteristics of resilient communities. Continue reading

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Fracking and local communities

The current debates and protests about the issue of ‘fracking’ – shale gas extraction – in the south of England and elsewhere touch upon a number of the themes we are exploring in our SLED research project . This blog post examines some of the key issues raised by recent events, and provides some related evidence and analysis emerging from our own research. Continue reading

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SLED Photo journal

picture of Swansea beach

Swansea beach looking West

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