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Karl Lukas Chakravorty-Aspelin

PhD Researcher, SSP
University of Leeds

Project Title: Democratising Finance? Assessing the Social Impact of Global Innovations in Finance
Start date: 1 October 2018

Summary of Research Area:

Made possible by the generous donation of Mr Geoff Oatley, I have been awarded the Oatley Postgraduate Research Scholarship for the duration of my doctoral studies.

Through this project I will explore the diverse range of visions and aspirations for financial technologies and their possible social impact. Main focus will be directed towards cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and its underlying technology Blockchain, which are increasingly capturing the public’s attention. As the number of possible applications is steadily increasing, there is a need to assess how proposed implementations of such technologies could affect the concepts of democracy, fairness and trust, as well as the role of the state in contemporary capitalist societies.

Thoughts on Leeds:

Being completely new to both the University and the City of Leeds, I am looking forward to engaging with the Bauman Institute and School of Sociology and Social Policy’s rich research community.