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Steven Loyal (University College Dublin) and Adrian Favell discuss Bourdieu on Algeria, domination, doxa, and the state.
Our closing talk, and also a celebration of the recent award to Griselda Pollock of the 2020 Holberg Prize, Norway’s equivalent to the Nobel Prize for critical theory
The third talk in our series reflecting on reading Bauman in the light of critiques of Eurocentrism and the transformative challenge of decolonial thought
The second talk in our series reflecting upon the relevance of Bauman’s work to current concerns in post-colonial and decolonial theory
First talk in the series. To register for zoom links to this or any of the talks in the series, please email:
The opening discussion event in our open public lecture series “Militant Epistemologies” on Key Thinkers and their impact on Theory & Politics
Bauman’s biographer Izabela Wagner and deputy director of Bauman Institute Jack Palmer in conversation
First official BI event of the year: Peter Beilharz talks to SSP’s @_DrMarkDavis about his new book, ‘Intimacy in postmodern times: A friendship with Zygmunt #Bauman’. 8-9am 26 Nov. @SSPLeeds @adrianfavell @ManchesterUP Register for the online event
A symposium at the University of Leeds Please see the Call for Papers if you wish to take part in this symposium August 2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of Zygmunt Bauman’s monumental book Modernity and the Holocaust. The Holocaust, the late sociologist famously argued, was not the polar opposite of modernity or a pathological deviation from modernisation…
A training workshop to learn how investment-based crowdfunding can be used to support public sector project delivery, and gain a better understanding of local donation-based crowdfunding.