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Led by Katy Wright

anthropocene, catastrophe, climate change, extinction, post-human, post-growth, sustainability, STS

The Bauman Institute provides an interdisciplinary space for theoretical reflection on the impact of new thinking on the environment, planetary finitude, and cross-species mobilisations. In particular, we cooperate with the new Leverhulme funded Doctoral Training Programme on Extinction Studies.This was launched at the University of Leeds in 2021.

The Bauman Underground: No Future?

Discussion series on critical theory in the face of planetary extinction

Radiation and Revolution

Talk event with Sabu Kohso. The famous Japanese activist, theorist and translator joins us from New York, with Ruskin School of Art’s Jason Waite, to discuss his new book with Duke UP

Guardians of the Forest

A talk by BI associate Nicolas Salazar Sutil on the legal and moral standing of trees, in relation to earth justice and environmental activism

The Bauman Underground: Eduardo Kohn, How Forests Think.

Discussion group on social and political theory in the face of the (no) future.