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Led by Andrew Wallace

local community, urban movements, participation, mobilisation, protest, activism

The populist surges and anti-elite sentiments of the 2010s opened up new and intensified old questions about the capacity of democratic systems to secure rights, freedoms and opportunities for citizens. Our work in this research area probes these dynamics through an examination of, inter alia, community relations, ideas of resilience, urban marginalisations, uneven economic geographies, resurgent nationalisms, biopolitical gambits and oppositional experiments and activisms. We explore how projects of equality, solidarity and liberty are continually foreclosed and prised open and work with a normative orientation that seeks capacious and disruptive political responses to the enclosures and chauvinisms of our time.

Building Democracy in Swansea

Case study on local resilience and democracy by Mark Davis and Katy Wright

Pandemic Solidarities: From Despair to Where?

Online essay by Andrew Wallace in Discover Society

The Life and Work of David Graeber

Discussion event with Myka Tucker-Abramson, Mark Davis and Andrew Wallace

The View from Global Britain

A Brexit short story by Adrian Favell, after J.G.Ballard

Winning the Victory over Yourself

Adrian Favell springs the trap in contemporary social and critical theory. Essay for Tokyo art journal VA+ (PDF)

Northern Exposure online seminar series

Book and project talks from invited speakers contributing to public debates about political disaffection in the North of England