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The first meeting: the wind and the statue

The meeting triggers images. The ethologist Boris Cyrulnik (1995) that studies the links of human and animals communication also studies the ritual language of the meetings. Through reports of etiology we learn that a meeting is a disturbing way of seeing oneself and seeing the other in images. Curiously it was the wind that gave this dimension back to me. Because the wind – not any kind of wind – is almost always an involvement. The wind raps, soothes, moves life and, consequently, mixes the visions. When I came face to face with it, I wrote this about myself: Time is cruel. Sometimes, I think that Zeus was right in killing him. I sometimes have the feeling that I am a small statue almost made of stone. What kind of music do I listen to? What kind of objects do I know? What kinds of books am I able to read? The statue is in a large box of thin glass. And it dreams. Will it be able to break it? This is an important question. But you are not a statue. You are the live wind that blows on the sea, on the leaves, in the places. The wind dances around the world and has already danced around the small statue. It left the promise of transfiguration. The wind is an acrobat.

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