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One Nation? Class, Utopia, and Labour’s Curious Quest for Renewal

one-nationA Bauman Institute Workshop

Date: Tuesday 18 November, 4:00 – 5.30pm
Location: Room 12.21/12.25, Social Sciences Building
Guest Speaker: Hugo Radice
Panel: Tracy Shildrick, Mark Davis

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Shared Social Responsibilities, continued…

A quick update on developments following the Shared Social Responsibilities conference in Brussels at the start of this month.

The Council of Europe have created a webspace specifically for the conference, including a draft version of the Charter, copies of the main speeches, and information about forthcoming publications. More details can be found here.

On a related matter, Dr Sean Healy, Director of Social Justice Ireland, is organising a significant event in Dublin in September that concerns directly the idea of sharing social responsibilities as a strategy for the future.

Dr Healy has very kindly invited me to offer a keynote address at this event. The working title of my paper is: Crises of Consumerism – Sharing Social Responsbilities as a Way Ahead. More details on this event soon. Further information about Social Justice Ireland can be found at their website: Social Justice Ireland.

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Shared Social Responsibilities, Brussels, 28 Feb – 1 Mar 2011

Seminar – Conference 2011 
Shared Social Responsibility
Securing trust and sustainable social cohesion
in a context of transition

28 February – 1 March
Brussels, European Commission

The Council of Europe – in partnership with the European Commission – is organising this conference on 28 February and 1 March 2011. The event is open to public authorities, researchers, NGOs, civil society, academics, policy makers, etc., and its aim is to give a thoroughly European focus to our reflection on the question of responsibilities in forging the future of our designs for democracy, social justice, poverty alleviation, sustainability and communal living.

A “European Charter on shared social responsibilities” is currently being drawn up and will be discussed before its final version during the first working day.

The conference will deal primarily with the following topics:
• the transformations in Europe: social cohesion and shared responsibility, key factors in creating vision and rebuilding confidence in the future;
• the need for a concept of shared social responsibility: prospects and obstacles;
• mobilising citizens and stake-holders through and for shared responsibilities;
• the challenges to placing shared responsibility at the heart of the political agenda
• organising ourselves to achieve the objective of well-being for all.

At the conference, Mark Davis will present a paper during Workshop 1A that focuses specifically upon the concept of shared social responsibility in the context of crisis.

Click here for further information on the Bauman Institute’s role in this project.

Click here for further information on the conference itself, including a full programme and details on how to register.

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The art of essay writing

I very much liked Mark’s ‘thought piece’ published in Compass, the topic of Mark’s last post, Bauman’s compass, and on which I commented. It has made me think that the article I am currently writing on the practical and policy implications of Zygmunt’s thoughts on what sociology is under conditions of liquid modernity and what it can contribute to the formation and development of a new left movement could well be construed as an essay. If so I could offer it to Compass or perhaps this Community could offer a platform for members to contribute think pieces and essays. One or two delegates at the Rethinking Global Society conference suggested this might be a useful development of the Institute’s community site. This has not been discussed with Mark yet but it would interesting to get members’ views. I am supposing that an essay is, as the word suggests, a trial of an idea and that although conforming to certain scholarly standards, would not necessarily have the rigour of argumentation and referencing of a formal peer reviewed article. It is likely to be rather more experimental, suggestive and personal. This is not to say there wouldn’t have to be some sort of editorial process. But this would be a matter for discussion. Continue reading

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Bauman’s Compass

As the impact of our recent international launch conference starts to be felt far and wide, I am slowly beginning to gather my thoughts from the whirlwind of discussion and presentations that took place here in Leeds a few weeks ago. As I mentioned in my email to all of our delegates, I will soon post my own thoughts and reflections on the various sessions I attended and we will soon have available through our website both images and videos of our plenary sessions. Continue reading

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Conference day two – first reflections

Day 2 was a real roller coaster for me and my head is still buzzing. I thought I would get some impressions down while they are still fresh in my mind less than 24 hours after the end of a truly inspiring conference. To begin at the end, the first of the final two sessions was a panel of Zygmunt’s old colleagues (including Janet Wolff who also taught me in the late 70s along with Zygmunt). Each told personal stories of knowing and working with Zygmunt that were especially characteristic and memorable. I must admit one of the reactions I had to the panellists’ stories was of unashamed jealously! How amazing to be so intimately a part of his life and part of his story and to have had such direct influence on their own work, ideas and career trajectories. I would like to have heard some of the recollections of his students too but there is a limit to what can be done at one event. Perhaps there will be other opportunities to share our stories. I found Zygmunt’s presentation that followed the panel session especially relevant and inspiring, to which I will return. Continue reading

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