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Liquid Modern Challenges to Education

The School of Sociology and Social Policy Alumni event at Leeds University on May 6th 2006 was a great success. Approximately 65 ex-students, undergraduates and postgraduates, and a number of past staff were able to attend. The highlight was the talk given by Prof. Zygmunt Bauman, “Liquid Modern Challenges to Education”. As usual his talk was entertaining and challenging in equal degree.

Liquid Modern Challenges to Education – the talk
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Liquid Modern Challenges to Education – the discussion
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What Are Today’s Social Evils?

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has started a UK-wide debate to find out what are the social evils of the 21st century. For more information click the link:

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Professor Bauman was in İstanbul!..

Click for the details of the event:

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Rethinking Global Society – International Launch Conference

Rethinking Global Society – FINAL Call for Papers_v.March 2010.doc

I am delighted to announce that a special panel session will also take place at the September conference. The session will be entitled ‘Engaging with Zygmunt Bauman – Personal Reflections’ and will include contributions from:

Professor Antony Bryant

Professor Brian Cheyette

Professor Griselda Pollock

Professor Maxim Silverman

Professor Janet Wolff

The conference takes place on 6th and 7th September 2010 and more information can be found by clicking on the flyer document above and at

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FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS – Rethinking Global Society

Rethinking Global Society

The Bauman Institute
International Launch Conference
School of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Leeds, UK

Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th September 2010


Following the overwhelming response to our first call for papers at the turn of the year, and after numerous requests to extend the deadline, we have decided to announce a final call for papers for the above event.

The final deadline for receipt of abstracts is 30th April 2010.

All abstracts should be no more than 150 words, tied to one of our key conference themes, and submitted directly to Mark Davis at

All abstracts will be considered at a final peer-review panel meeting in early May.

For further information, please visit:

*Please note: All abstracts already approved at our first peer-review panel are unaffected by this final call for papers. We look forward to welcoming each of you to Leeds in September.

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The Tyranny of Freedom

Sunday 24 May at 2.30pm.

When we owe allegiance to nothing, and no-one, and everything is expendable in the pursuit of an ill-defined notion of happiness, is our “freedom” doing us more harm than good?

Standing in for Professor Bauman, I will be giving a paper entitled “The Tyranny of Freedom” at this year’s Hay Philosophy and Music Festival “How the Light Gets In” on Sunday 24 May at 2.30pm.

The theme for the day is “Crunch!: Values and Belief in a New Era” and I have been invited to offer my reflections on Bauman’s analysis of our contemporary ‘liquid modern’ consumer society.

Given the relevance of this to my own current research, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to discuss these ideas both with the Hay public and other invited guests at this session, amongst them Will Hutton, Fabienne Peter, Eamonn Butler, Phillip Blond, and David Goodhart.

For further info, visit:

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Europe and the Rest: A Dialogue between Etienne Balibar and Zygmunt Bauman

Wednesday 13 May, 5.30 – 7pm in the Rupert Beckett Theatre, University of Leeds

What is the current status of Europe in a globalized world, and who gets to be or call themselves ‘European’?
For those of you able to make it along, you may be interested in this event next week organised by Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies here at Leeds.

Admission is free and open to all

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